Benefit from the power of authentic communication   
in your legal relationships.

Hi, my name is Mike Lustig. I have been a lawyer since 2006. The key to forming and maintaining successful relationships is authentic communication. Through authentic communication of goals and intentions, parties can explore respective boundaries, enroll each other with compatible purpose, and provide authentic and well-informed consent to being in a relationship. As a lawyer, I help my clients explore and define purpose in their business relationships. By identifying the "don't knows that you don't know" and presenting transaction-structuring options aligned with your goals, I will help you get the best for your business. 

I begin most transactions with a guided conversation between the parties. Exploration of compatible purposes and expectations will save you time and money. Through these conversations, I present topics within the scope of the transaction (the "don't knows that you don't know") and guide structuring options that may work best for the considered relationship. If parties are able to find compatibility, I will then draft a document that concisely and comprehensively defines the relationship, from inception to potential termination.

My range of skills transcends industries, and includes the practice of business law (contracts, company formation and structuring, exit strategy and implementation, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, equity vesting, debt structuring, employment issues, IP licensing, settlements, mediation, etc.); real estate law (acquisition strategy/structuring, leases, purchase agreements, purchase options, contingency risk abatement, landlord/tenant issues, title and easement issues, Colorado Real Estate Commission compliance, brokerage structuring, etc.), technology law, and cannabis license approval strategies.

I hold a Master of Science in Real Estate Finance, am an actively-licensed commercial real estate broker, and have worked in the commercial lending industry as an underwriter and portfolio specialist. In my free time, I enjoy being a granted artist, volunteering within the arts, and having outdoor adventures throughout the American West.