"I don't like or trust lawyers. But as a growing business, I do need them. When I met Mike Lustig, I found a gentleman whose in-depth, mindful support I needed, and a human being I can like and trust. My only hesitation in recommending him...is I don't want him to become too busy to help elephant. Mike can not only show you how to protect your business, but how the law can be about clear expectations and communication, good for all concerned." ~ Waylon Lewis, founder of elephantjournal.com, host of Walk the Talk Show"

"I have now worked with Mike Lustig on numerous occasions and recommended him to a number of my clients with legal needs. Mike is abundantly competent when it comes to facilitating a contract that works for all involved. He is great at explaining the reasoning behind legal wording and decisions as well helping clients think through their legal issues from multiple perspectives. I will continue to recommend Mike to startups and other business clients" Jon Shapiro, Ideas By Nature

"Mike Lustig currently serves as our in-house legal counsel. He handles all legal matters for our company: structuring entities and operating agreements, working with our investors, creating/reviewing leases, drafting letters and correspondence, handling disputes of all types, and dealing with the occasional eviction. He is a great asset for our team." S. Brian SmithThe Space Creators / The Space Agency.  

"Once again I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your ceaseless hard work, dedication and professionalism. Your approachable style combined with a clear grasp of the issues, enabled and encouraged a degree of confidence that my company is in good hands. I can say without hesitation that you have exceeded my expectations, both in time and in the high quality service you provide. I do not believe I could have had better guidance and support, and I would have no hesitation in acting as a referee and recommending your services to those in need." Asaf B. Golfrid, MOi Cycle

"Mike was a pleasure to work with as my company created its operating agreement.  He answered all of our questions and expertly guided us through the process of creating a high quality document.  I strongly recommend his services to anyone looking for an accommodating and well-versed legal professional." Lee Wise, WISE (Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations)

 "Mike helped me with a lease review and revision. I had never signed a commercial lease in Denver before, and I wasn't sure which parts of the contract were standard and which parts were unfair. Mike explained which parts I should be concerned about and what to do to protect myself. He helped me revise the lease and I've been in my new yoga studio for almost 3 months now!  He was very professional, very prompt and he really took the stress out of the whole lease process for me.  I recommended him to a friend who needed help with some partnership agreements and my friend was very happy with his experience with Mike, too. I will definitely continue to recommend Mike and Wordsmith Legal to my friends and neighbors!" Amanda Ruscoll, Yoga High 

"Mr. Lustig created a highly comprehensive Services Agreement between our company and one of the largest property ownership/management companies in Denver. His knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate industry allowed for a quick turn-around on a complex arrangement."
Peter KatzRD3 Sustainable Solutions

"I have utilized Mike’s services on several projects. His attention to detail, knowledge of the field, and timelines keep me coming back because I know what to expect- excellent results for a very reasonable price. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services." - Cody GaleAppraisal Colorado 

"Mike helped me with a corporate restructuring project and I could not have been more satisfied with the quality, responsiveness and professionalism throughout. I'd want to have him on my side for any kind of legal work and will certainly be using his services again." - Ryel Kestano, Virtuance 

"Mike helped my business partner and I compile our business agreement in a timely and cost-efficient manner. He also helped us with other legal matters that arose and with the deepest compassion and integrity. I most definitely recommend Mike." - Robyn Phelps, Senior Functional Fitness

"I met with Mike originally with a handful of fears and what ifs.  Mike was not only helpful with my understanding of the law, specific to my situation and problems, but he also told me what I might expect from the other guys. His knowledge and confidence of the law, and his ability to convey that to me, was beyond helpful." Tracy Zimmer, Hutch and Spoon Restaurant

"Mr. Lustig handles a variety of legal matters for me, from structuring LLCs, to copyrighting intellectual property, to reviewing and revising commercial leases for my various business ventures. He is efficient, detail-oriented, and highly effective." - Franco, Consortium 816 Art Gallery

"Mike Lustig drafted and negotiated the terms of a contract that has allowed me to sell my bikes out of another location and grow my sales. His laid-back approach made it easy for me and my new business partner to form an agreement." Victor Ward, Velowood Cyclery

"Mike Lustig formed my LLC, structured my operating agreement, and helped me understand the tax ramifications of my business decisions. I really appreciate all of his help." - Dana Graber, Baltic Bliss LLC

"Mike Lustig's advice has saved my sanity, my income and my family a tremendous amount of grief. He has graciously donated his knowledge and time to help just because he has a great heart! I highly recommend Mike Lustig on his morals and values alone." Mark Rabin, Websnare Inc. 

"A decision had to be made under a quick deadline for one of my joint ventures.  Mike Lustig read and understood the legal documents required quickly.  He explained to me my options so I could make an informed decision and followed up with an email supporting my decision. I was able to make the right decisions and felt that I had the right support in place with him on my side.  I highly recommend Mr. Lustig to anyone." - B.M.Asset1Ten Venture Capital

"It is not always the case that I can emphasize my gratitude for legal counsel. My thoughts and appreciation go out to you and your professionalism in handling my legal transactions. Your consideration and knowledge as an attorney has helped me in accomplishing my needs and goals. Your effort has gone well over what the average counselor would attempt. I have appreciated your suggestions of seeking the best route in getting things accomplished in a positive way. Thank you for doing a top notch job for me in all aspects of representing me and my legal issues." - John Pastore, Pastore's Italian Distributing

 "Mike Lustig helped me partition one of my investment properties so I could receive a higher appraisal value and successfully refinance. He also was able to convince my condo HOA to approve a variance to the HOA rules that allowed me to permanently keep my parking spaces inside the parking garage! During the entire process, he was available to answer all of my questions and made sure I understood what was going on. I will continue to use his services well in to the foreseeable future." - Mike McCarty, Residential Property Investor, Denver, CO 

"Mike was a pleasure to work with.  He was responsive, thorough, and able to answer all of our questions promptly and comprehensively - even when at times we did not know what questions to ask.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for professional and personable legal representation." Aviva Katz and Brett Turner, Homeowners

"Mike Lustig created all of the Articles of Organization and Org Documents for my newly formed LLC.  He was very thorough and detailed and created a web of documentation based on my creative needs." - P.B., Business Owner, Denver, CO

 "Mike helped me draft an effective residential lease that protects my investment and provides me with peace of mind." - Katy Gardiner, Property Owner, Denver, CO

"Mr. Lustig helped us recover a reimbursement related to the sale of a timeshare that we had owned.  He prepared a concise, well researched and professional demand letter for us that resulted in our being paid in just over three weeks.  We had tried unsuccessfully to collect this money on our own for over a year. Thanks again, Mike." - Gene Bourque, Lyons, CO